• Power IssuesMy Fly6[v] won’t turn on To turn on your Fly device, press and hold the power button for approximately 1 second. If [...]
  • I can’t connect to my smartphoneFly6[v] does not have Bluetooth connectivity. If you wish to have this feature, please check our latest Fly6 models here.
  • I can’t get my video onto my computerDevice not recognised There are two ways to review your footage via computer: Via direct USB connection Insert the supplied USB-C cable [...]
  • My device is not recording properlyNot recording For the device to record properly, it needs to have a supported SD card and a proper charge. If for [...]
  • Battery lifeBattery runtime for the Fly6[v] Depending on your light and video settings, your Fly6[v] runtime will differ. Please check the expected runtime [...]
  • Issues with my footagePoor Quality Fly6[v] has a video resolution of 720p @ 30 FPS. Please make sure the firmware is up to date. Instructions [...]

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  • How to format your SD cardThere are several ways you can format your SD card. Quick Format: formatting via Config.txt file To perform a quick format, please [...]
  • How to update your Fly6[v] firmwareHow to update your firmware This firmware update is only intended for Fly6[v] and is also compatible with Fly6. Check first if [...]
  • How to perform a bench testA bench test will allow you to see how your unit performs. To do this, please do the following: Check your SD [...]

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