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Use your Cycliq cameras to capture the highlights of your bike life.

  • Beautiful rides
  • Crazy stunts
  • Race day moments
  • Family fun
  • Wild encounters
  • Stacks and crashes
  • Special moments
  • Close calls
  • How to tips and tricks

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Every month we give away prizes and discounts for the best content that is sent in.



At the beggining of each month, we will announce the winner(s) on our Facebook page.

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What are the rules?

Your story or content should reflect Cycliq's products. This means that footage should be created with Cycliq's products (i.e. Fly6 or Fly12) or should be about the products and their impact on your story.


We all love excitement and feel good moments. The best videos are always the ones that tell a story. Make it personal and tell the tale.

Do i need to edit my footage?

Yes and No. You do have to make sure you don't infringe any copyrights (music, images) and that everybody that is recognizable in your video provides written consent for the footage to be accepted to the content. Editing your content may also make for better video as you can pack the action together.

However, we also allocate prizes to people who shot the best #RawFootage. Sometimes the natural play of the world can be surprising or compelling enough to provide that winner video.

How do i know whether I've won something?

Don't worry. If you win, we'll be sure to inform you. You simply leave your details when you submit your content to us.


By submitting content, you accept the terms. In essence this means that:

  • We want to hear from you and share your story with the world. This means that by submitting your content, you give us the right to share and use your submitted content.
  • You agree there are no infringements in terms of copyright and that everybody that is identifiable in your footage has given you permission to use the video and/or photo. See full terms & conditions.