Issues with my footage

The Fly6[v] is an unsupported Fly device, check out our latest Fly devices.

Poor Quality

Fly6[v] has a video resolution of 720p @ 30 FPS. Please make sure the firmware is up to date

If you think the quality of your footage is poor, please check the lens for any dirt. When cleaning we recommend you use a very wet non-abrasive cloth like a sunglasses cleaner, micro fibre cloth, etc.

Missing Files

To check your video recording, connect your Fly device to a computer and go to DCIM folder. You can arrange this in chronological order. Older footage will also be looped over once SD card is full and recording will stop once the unit enters Home Safe Mode.

If you notice that you have missing files and you have not deleted them manually, please try the following:

If you’re still experiencing issues with your footage, please submit a ticket with our support team.

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