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Getting Started

  • Fly6 Pro User ManualInside this user manual you'll find out everything you need to know about your Fly6 Pro.
  • Setting up your Fly6 ProBefore your first ride Please follow these steps before your first ride with your Fly6 Pro. Fully charge your Fly6 Pro Ensure [...]
  • Getting to know the OLED screen on your Fly6 ProThe OLED screen on the side of the Fly6 Pro allows you to control many features and functions with ease. The main [...]
  • Mounting your Fly6 ProMounting your Fly6 Pro Please follow all the steps to ensure your camera doesn’t separate from your bike during use. Step 1: [...]
  • Reviewing your Fly6 Pro footageReviewing your Fly6 Pro footage Once you have finished your ride, you can review your footage. This can be done on desktop [...]

How-to Guides

  • Master resetIf a master reset is required, the reset button is located under the port cover as illustrated. Carefully, using a fine object [...]
  • WiFi Transfer with CycliqPlusPower On & Connect: Turn on your Fly6 Pro with the power button. To connect for video transfer, access the CycliqPlus app [...]
  • How to register your Fly6 ProRegister your Fly6 Pro to receive faster warranty support and product updates.
  • Visual and Audio Alerts GuideThe Fly6 Pro comes equipped with a variety of Visual and Audible alerts that will help you understand what your Fly device is doing.
  • How to update your Fly6 Pro firmwareHow to update your firmware Your Fly6 Pro should be kept up-to-date in order to take advantage of improvements and fixes. Firmware [...]
  • How to perform a bench testA bench test is used to check your Fly6 Pro battery life. To perform a bench test: Format your SD card Reset [...]
  • How to format your microSD cardCycliq devices require microSD cards to be formatted to FAT32 to correctly function. We recommend that you format your microSD card with [...]
  • How to connect your Fly6 Pro with USB On-The-GoHow to import your video files using Cycliq microSD OTG Card Readers Cycliq now offers you the ability to easily access your [...]


  • Power IssuesIf your Fly6 Pro is having power issues, such as not powering on or holding charge follow these suggestions.
  • Connectivity IssuesIf you are unable to connect your Fly6 Pro to the CycliqPlus app follow these suggestions.
  • Footage IssuesIf your Fly6 Pro is experiencing footage issues follow these suggestions.
  • Battery issuesIf your Fly6 Pro is experiencing battery issues follow these suggestions.
  • Recording IssuesIf your Fly6 Pro is experiencing recording issues follow these suggestions.