Reviewing your Fly6 Pro footage

Reviewing your Fly6 Pro footage

Once you have finished your ride, you can review your footage. This can be done on desktop or mobile.

Reviewing the footage using the CycliqPlus mobile app

Connection to Mobile Device:

  • Use Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi for connecting to iOS or Android devices.
  • Connect the device to the CycliqPlus app, then press the footage button for Wi-Fi transfer.

First-Time Connection:

Grant permission to Fly6 Pro if prompted to access and connect to Wi-Fi.

Allow the connection to proceed.

Confirmation of Connection:

  • Wi-Fi logo appears on Fly6 Pro’s OLED when connected.
  • CycliqPlus app shows recent videos with dates and thumbnails.


Tap ‘←’ in the CycliqPlus app to disconnect Wi-Fi on the Fly6 Pro.

View and Edit:

Use the “Footage” section in the CycliqPlus app for editing and sharing.

Access and adjust videos, or share exciting moments.

Locked Files:

Locked or tagged files in the CycliqPlus desktop app are identified in the mobile app for easy management.

Reviewing your footage on your computer 

  • Turn your Fly6 Pro off and unmount from your bike
  • Open the port cover and insert the USB-C cable
  • With your computer turned on, insert the USB cable into your computer’s USB port and open Finder (Apple users) or File Explorer (Windows users).
  • Turn your Fly6 Pro on; the device should be automatically recognised.
  • Open Fly6 Pro Folder and DCIM folder
  • Select your desired recording and watch using your media player

Note: we recommend using QuickTime or Windows Media Player to view your recorded footage.

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