Mounting your Fly6 Pro

Mounting your Fly6 Pro

Please follow all the steps to ensure your camera doesn’t separate from your bike during use.

Step 1: Installing the safety tether

  • On the top of the Fly6 Pro there are two holes for the safety tether to be attached through.
  • Thread the thinner part of the tether through the holes, then thread the other end through the loop to secure the tether.
  • We recommend always using the Fly6 Pro with the tether attached and secured around your seat post.

Step 2: Mounting the Fly6 Pro to your bike

Please see the image below on how to mount the device, you will need to turn your Fly6 Pro clockwise.

Note: We suggest mounting the seat post mount to your bicycle and then attempting to mount the device, that way there is more stability in order to twist the device.

Insert either the standard or aero length seat post strap and pull all the way through until the clasp meets the seat post mount, ensuring the silicon-coated surface grips your seat post.

Select the appropriate spacer or adapter for your bike. Place the spacer or adapter between the Fly6 seat post mount and the seat post.

While holding the mount against your seat post, wrap the velcro strap around and feed it through the rectangular hoop at the other end of the strap. Wrap the velcro back on itself to secure your mount.

To mount your Fly6 align the tabs on the Fly6 with the slots in the seat post mount. Turn Fly6 clockwise a 1/8th turn until you hear a click and then the Fly6 will be locked into the seat post mount.

You can easily remove your Fly6 Pro from the bike by removing it from the seat post mount with a 1/8th turn anticlockwise. The mount is intended to be affixed to the bike and the Cycliq Quick Release Mount™ allows for easy removal of your device.

Note: The Fly6 Pro must be mounted in an upright position as mounted.

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