Fly12 CE


  • Power IssuesMy Fly12 CE won’t turn on To turn on your Fly device, press and hold the power button for approximately 2 seconds. If [...]
  • Connectivity IssuesMy Fly12 CE will not connect with my smartphone We have made the process of connecting your iPhone or Android handset to [...]
  • Recording issuesMy Fly12 CE is not recording Note: There is a known issue with formatting your SD card via USB on a MacBook. [...]
  • Battery issuesBattery runtime is not as expected For expected runtimes depending on your usage, please see below. If for any reason your Fly12 [...]
  • Footage issuesMy device is recording with poor quality Our CE devices have different video resolutions you can choose from. For highest quality recording, [...]

Getting Started

  • Setting up your Fly12 CEStep 1: Inside the Box Firstly, let’s check to see if you have all the goods. Your Fly12 CE should come with [...]
  • Mounting your Fly12 CEPlease follow all the steps to ensure your camera doesn’t separate from your bike during use. Step 1: Installing the safety tether [...]
  • Start up and first rideTo turn the Fly12 CE on and start recording, press and hold the power button for at least 2 seconds. Upon powering [...]
  • Reviewing your Fly12 CE footageOnce you have finished your ride, you will want to review your footage. This can be done via desktop computer or through [...]
  • Fly12 CE User ManualInside this user manual, you’ll find out everything you need to know about your Fly12 CE. Click here to download the manual. Contents: [...]

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