How to perform a bench test

The Fly12 CE is an unsupported Fly device, check out our latest Fly devices.

A bench test is a test to ensure a device works as specified. A bench test for your Fly CE devices is to check the life of the battery.

To perform a bench test:

  • Format your SD card
  • Reset the Device to Default settings via the CycliqPlus mobile or desktop app
  • Disable idle mode via the CycliqPlus mobile or desktop app
  • Fully charge your device (LED will turn green when battery reaches 100%)

Once fully charged, place the unit on a flat surface and switch it on.
Take a note of the time you turned the device on
Cycle through the light modes to camera only mode.
Let the device run until the battery is completely drained and the device turns off.
Take note of the time the device turned off

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