Battery Issues

Battery runtime is not as expected

For expected runtimes depending on your settings please see below. If for any reason your Fly6 Generation 3 is not close to the expected runtime, please try the following:

If the results from the bench test are well below expected runtime and your firmware is up to date, please create a support ticket for further assistance.

Expected runtime

Your Fly6 Generation 3 runtime will differ depending on your light mode and video settings. With the lights and camera active, device battery will last up to 4 hours, and will run for up to 5 hours on camera only mode.

Note: Depending on the age of your unit, battery deterioration can be expected. Road conditions and scenery complexity (eg. a desert as opposed to a forest) can also affect battery runtime as the EIS and higher bitrate will consume more power. Colder temperature also affects battery runtime.

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