Fly6 Generation 3 User Manual

Inside this user manual you’ll find out everything you need to know about your Fly6 GEN 3.

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What’s in the box

Read this before using your Fly6
Safety, operating and care information

Your Fly6

Register your Fly6
Fly6 layout

Setting up your Fly6

Charging your Fly6 battery
Battery level indicators
Inserting and removing microSD Card
Changing your Fly6 settings
Mounting your Fly6
Attaching the safety tether

Using your Fly6 CE

Turning your Fly6 on and off
Before your first ride
Tail light options
Visual and audio alerts
Audio settings
Audible alerts
Airplane mode


Video resolution
Looping function
Capturing still images
Incident Protection Mode
Manual footage capture
Cycliq Home Safe Mode
Bike alarm
Idle Mode

Accessing your footage

Video segment length
Editing your footage
CycliqPlus mobile app
Connecting to your mobile device
Time and date settings
File lock warning
Tail light settings
Updating your firmware
Cycliq auto-updater
Join the Cycliq community
Technical data
Compliance statements
Regulatory information

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