Start up and first ride

Turning on your Fly6

Press and hold the power button for approximately 3-4 seconds until the rotating LED bezel illuminates and the power on chime is heard – then release. Power level beeps will sound indicating the battery status, see below.

Battery level is 75%+ 4 beeps
Battery level is 50-75% 3 beeps
Battery level is 25-50% 2 beeps
Battery level is under 25% 1 beep

Turning off your Fly6

Press and hold the power button for approximately 3-4 seconds until the power level beeps sound to indicate battery status and the power off chime is heard, or the LEDs have turned off.

Before your first ride

Please follow the below steps before using your new Fly6 Generation 3 for the first time:

Fully charge the device

To charge:

  • Connect your Fly6 to a USB power adapter (not supplied) using the supplied USB cable.
  • The indicator light will illuminate red showing the Fly6 is charging.
  • The indicator light will illuminate green when the Fly6 is fully charged.

You can charge your Fly6 using the USB cable provided and a computer however, this will significantly reduce the rate of charge. For the quickest charge, use a USB power adapter that supports USB ‘fast charge’ (5V @ 2.1A).

Ensure your Fly6 port cover is securely closed

Ensure your safety tether is correctly attached

Attaching the safety tether to your Fly6:

  • On the back of the Fly6 there are 2 holes for the safety tether to be attached through.
  • Thread the thinner part of the tether through the holes, then thread the other end through the loop to secure the tether.
  • We recommend always using the Fly6 with the tether attached and secured around your seat post.

Ensure the date and timestamps are correctly synced

The Fly6 Generation 3 is automatically synced with the date and time information from your smartphone when connecting to the CycliqPlus mobile app.

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