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GPLama Reviews The All New Fly12 Sport

November 10, 2022

Shane Miller aka GPLama reviews the Cycliq Fly12 Sport bike camera

“It’s simple to use. Once configured, you just power it up and ride. You can forget about it. You leave the 64GB card in there. It will loop over the recordings until the day I need to pull some footage from it, at which point I plug into the PC or Mac and away I go.”

“The smaller form factor is a plus, it’s less bulky than the previous Fly12 CE, and it’s effectively the same weight as a GoPro Hero Ten. The camera is really good in daylight using the 1440p or 2.7K resolution, 30fps stabilized. That was good.”

“A device that actually does what’s written on the box. And that makes me happy!”

– Shane Miller aka GPLama


Watch his review below and see why the Fly12 Sport is the best Fly yet!

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