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“The Essential Cycling Accessory” Bikes By Mike

December 12, 2022

Cycliq Fly12 Sport Dashcam & Light: The Essential Cycling Accessory Bikes By Mike Review

“Having used Cycliq’s earlier version the Fly12 for over five years I will tell you what I think of the Cycliq dashcams in general and whether their newest upfront model is a worthy upgrade to the previous version.

This dashcam, first and foremost is about cycling safety. It combines a 400 Lumen light with a continuous loop recording video camera. Capable of recording up to a resolution of 4K, all in one very compact unit.

“While the Fly12 Sport cannot compete against the best action cameras on the market today. That is not what it’s trying to be. Action cameras don’t come with a headlight, typically are too bulky, have insufficient battery life and too low of a recording time to be seriously used as an everyday safety dashcam.”

From the first Fly12 I purchased over five years ago to this Fly12 Sport I bought last month my priority has always been safety over quality of footage, although I do regularly use my Fly12 for B-roll action camera footage.

From safety perspective, I bought my first Fly12 for when I was leading rides from my local cycling club. We were having frequent altercations with aggressive drivers, and I wanted to make sure that if we did find ourselves in the serious incident, we would have video footage to use as evidence.

It is also handy as a learning tool where ride leaders shared experiences about good and bad riding practices. I was also using the Fly6 rear facing camera at the same time.

About three years ago, I started riding with both front and rear daytime running lights for my own safety to make myself more visible to drivers. Most countries have mandated it for automobiles so it just makes sense to follow the same practice for bikes the benefits of daytime running lights for cyclists is well supported.

The reason I like the Fly6 and Fly12 so much is that they give me video and lights all in one neat package.

I really like Cycliq’s newly released Fly12 Sport and consider it an essential cycling accessory for all my rides. I would highly recommend the Fly12 Sport for anyone looking to record their ride and have a front head light.”

Watch his full review below and see why the Fly12 Sport is the best Fly yet!