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New Fly12 Sport Firmware Update – Version 23.11.14

December 11, 2023

A new firmware update is available for the Fly12 Sport front bicycle camera and light.

Attention Mac users: Update to the latest CycliqPlus for Mac (2.82 and above) before updating your Fly12 Sport.

What’s new in this 23.11.14 firmware update

Sound level indicator
We’ve made it easier to set your preferred sound level volume by adding beep tones when adjusting the volume within the CycliqPlus mobile app.

Camera shutter sound
We’ve added a new shutter sound when you take a photo with your Fly12 Sport. Take a still photo by holding the Q button for 3 seconds, learn more about taking still photos here.

Enhanced battery charging indication
We’ve upgraded the battery management system to improve charge indication.

Smarter incident detection
The frequency of false alarms in incident mode has been reduced.

Louder audio in videos
Improved microphone sensitivity means the audio in your recorded footage will be louder and clearer.


Here’s the changes in this 23.11.14 firmware update for the Fly12 Sport:

  • Added beep when adjusting volume levels
  • Added shutter sound when taking photos
  • Improved microphone sensitivity
  • Incident mode fixes
  • Charging indication fixes

Update to the latest firmware by connecting your Fly12 Sport directly to your Windows or Mac computer and open the CycliqPlus Desktop app, then follow the firmware update prompts.

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