Visual and audible alerts summary

The Fly12 CE is an unsupported Fly device, check out our latest Fly devices.
LED Function
Solid GREEN 100% charged
Solid RED 0-99% charged
LED OFF No operation

Sound Function
4 Beeps 75% to 100% charged
3 Beeps 50% to 75% charged
2 Beeps 25% to 50% charged
1 Beep 0% to 25% charged
3 Loud long beeps Less than 6%-12% charged
1 Beep every 60 seconds Home Safe mode
2 Rapid beeps every 5 seconds MicroSD card error/no card
3 Rapid beeps when triggered Incident protection
Alarm beep Alarm beep
Short beep Recording alert interval
1 Beep every 5 seconds Low battery mode

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