Mounting your Fly12 CE

Your Fly12 comes with a handlebar mount that features the Cycliq Quick Release System™.

The handlebar mount is a strong, secure and reliable mounting mechanism.

  1. Place the Fly12 mount above or below the handlebar, depending on space available after your cables are taken into account. Additionally,
    if mounting to a 22.2mm bar or a tapered bar, select and install the appropriate rubber adapter before using the hex bolt and carefully
    torqueing to 2Nm.

    Leave a small amount of space from the centre of the handlebar to allow enough room for your Fly12 to be mounted
    and detached.

  2. With your Fly12 facing forward, and at a 45o angle, line up the quick release male component on the Fly12 with the female receptor
    on the handlebar mount.
  3. Place the Fly12 into the mount and make a 1/8th turn until the device clicks into a forward-facing position.

The distinctive ‘click’ sound confirms the unit has been locked in place.

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