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Included in the Fly12 Sport bundle:

1x Fly12 Sport with 64GB microSD card
1x Fly12 Sport Silicone Case – Black
1x Fly12 Sport Lens Protector Pack

* Please note the Fly12 Sport includes all standard in-the-box accessories.

The most advanced Fly12 Sport yet!

Everything we’ve learned about cycling safety over ten years. As your eyes on the road the Fly12 Sport is an essential safety asset for all cyclists.

FEEL SAFE with the security of an always recording QHD camera.
BE SEEN day and night with intuitive light modes
GO THE DISTANCE with class-leading 7 hour battery life

Why ride with a front camera?

A Fly12 Sport captures not only crashes and crazy cars, but just as importantly context. Incidents happen for so many reasons, but a front facing camera shows the WHY and WHERE of road conditions and obstacles that tell the full story of any cycling safety incident.

Be safe, be seen and see back with the Fly12 Sport light and camera safety system with a powerful 400 lumen front light and super sharp QHD camera all wrapped up in a sexy whateverproof package.


The idea is active safety and the light is only half the design while a camera is the other half. If you are ever involved in a crash, the camera will have your back with a record of what was visible.

Josh Ross Cyclingnews

It’s simple to use. Once configured, you just power it up and ride. A device that actually does what’s written on the box. And that makes me happy!

Shane Miller aka GPLAMA
bikeradar cycliq review

It’s this type of safety-conscience technology that is making a real difference out on the roads.

David Rome BikeRadar


The Fly12 Sport is your eyes out front - lighting the way and ready to capture anything that happens with continual recording and smart incident detection.


You need to be seen to be safe. The powerful front light ensures you are visible on the road and will guide you safely on the brightest of days and darkest of nights.


Midweek commute, or chasing some KOM’s the Fly12 Sport is your companion on the road. With 7 hours continuous recording in camera only mode the Fly12 Sport lasts as long as you do!

Fly12 Sport reviews


Frequently Asked Questions

Fly12 Sport

The Fly12 Sport is water resistant with a rating of IP56.

However, please be sure to close the rubber flap on the side of the Fly12 Sport before each ride.

Yes. 6-axis Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) provides enhanced image smoothness regardless of the terrain or surface you’re riding on.

This allows the Fly12 Sport to record smoother video in greater detail; please note this feature is not available in HDR mode.

There are five different resolution settings you may select to record your ride in.

  • 2880x2160p @ 24fps (4K playback)
  • 2560x1440p QHD @ 30fps
  • 1920x1080p FHD @ 60fps
  • 1920x1080p HDR @ 30fps
  • 1280x720p HD @ 120fps

The Fly12 Sport has a feature called incident protection mode. This mode ensures whenever your Fly12 Sport is tilted more than 60° from vertical (or 30° from the ground) for more than five seconds the footage will be automatically saved and stored without being overwritten.

Yes. You can protect video footage from being overwritten manually by pressing the Q button on the side of the Fly12 Sport.

This is useful whenever something occurs that isn’t triggered by incident protection mode. An example might be when there is a close pass by a vehicle, or you see something happen to somebody else that you want to capture for them.

Yes. Using CycliqPlus on desktop and mobile you can overlay Strava metrics and share highlights from you ride.

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