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  • Fly12 Sport
  • Fly12 CE

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The Duo Mount is a dual-purpose bike mount that attaches your Fly12 Sport or Fly12 CE and bike computer to your handlebars. It is lightweight, super strong and beautifully designed.

The mount is compatible with 31.8mm handlebars and includes two different bike computer adaptors. You can attach your Fly12 or another device (i.e. bike computer) that uses the universal finned style mounting system.

The Duo Mount is durable, stiff and strong. It can be installed in less than 15 seconds with a single screw and a single pivoting arm. The bolt is conveniently tightened from the top.


The Duo Mount supports the following bike computer brands:

  • Garmin Edge Series (including the Garmin Edge 1000, 1030 and 1040)
  • Wahoo

Note: A Universal Adapter is required for use with the Fly range. The Fly12 Sport and Fly6 Pro include a Universal Adapter in the box.

Product Specs


Weight 49.5 g (1.7 oz)
Material 7075 Aluminium
Torque specifications 2 Nm (Newton-meters)
Clamp size 31.8mm


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