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Why I Ride with Cycliq’s bike cameras

October 7, 2016

At Cycliq, our mission is to increase awareness of road safety through the addition of cameras and lights on bikes. With the number of cycling commuters increasing across the world- we take our mission very seriously. The number of employees in the United States who commute to work using a bike has grown by a larger percentage than any other mode of transport over the last 10 years. Australia presented similar statistics, with the 2011 census showing that some areas of Australia had a 30% increase in bicycle commuters.

With a greater number of people opting to cycle, it’s always important to make sure you’re wearing the correct safety gear before you hit the road. Thanks to technology, safety gear is more than just what you wear. Cycliq Athlete Ted King considers his bike cameras as simply another safety product, the same as a helmet or seatbelt.

We’re aiming to reduce the risk of incidents by making all road users aware there may be cameras on bikes that can hold them accountable for their actions. Don’t just take our word for it, we asked our community what their experiences on the roads were like when cycling with a camera on board, and this is what we got:

Andrew Kiejda from Australia rides with both Fly6 and Fly12, and said he won’t ride without them after having a motorist think twice when they saw he had a camera on board.

Having video footage can be an easy way to help exhibit poor road behaviour, not only when it occurs, but also to use it as an educational tool to help prevent similar instances from occurring again. For example, US based cyclist Raymond Finkle said riding with a camera helped create a positive change on the roads after he submitted footage of reckless driving.

See the full video.

Even though safety is our primary concern, we also want to make sure you are able to capture the good times on your bike: winning races, epic scenery, the pain faces of riders you have just overtaken and capturing achievements such as KOM and QOM. With the CycliqPlus app you can overlay your Strava metrics and route onto your video footage. You can monitor performance levels, improvements and share short video clips celebrating your achievements. Cyclist Louise Tristan said it has helped him re-evaluate his rides.

We’re glad to see the different ways Fly12’s features are being enjoyed! P.s. We appreciate your questions Louis, we are always adding ideas to the drawing board in order to build products that help improve your overall cycling experience.

It’s always fantastic to hear stories from our cycling community, especially when we get to read all the different ways our bike cameras are having a positive impact. Thank you to everyone who shared their story.

If you also have an experience to share, please share it in the comments below!