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Meet Cycliq Ambassador Jaxon Bilchuris

April 14, 2023

Jaxon at work
Jaxon at work with his new Cycliq cycling cameras.

Here at Cycliq HQ we get excited by all things bike related. So when our ultimate ironman role model and Cycliq Ambassador Jaxon Bilchuris reached out to collaborate, we couldn’t resist.

Maintaining a relentless training regime whilst holding down a bike shop job at Giant Osborne Park, studying teaching full time at uni and upholding relationship duties has proven to be the ideal lifestyle for Jaxon, and he’s already loving having his new devices with him on training rides.

Meet Jaxon Bilchuris

Jaxon is a young ironman from Western Australia and a vocal advocate for cycling safety. He also happens to work with bikes, is currently studying a Bachelor of Education full time at university AND once aspired to be an AFL footballer.

“I began cycling when i was younger but decided to pursue my dream of playing AFL football instead. When I realised that a professional football career wasn’t going to happen, I bought a bike, and have since fallen in love with the sport.”

Jaxon is currently doing over 250km per week on the bike and was recently involved in a crash with a car. This was the driving force behind becoming a safety ambassador.

“My journey toward becoming a cycling safety advocate began when i was hit by a car. I needed a high quality camera with metrics, so I did some research and realised that Cycliq was the best option. They’re budget friendly and of the highest quality out there. I see a strong future with cycliq, and I feel so privileged to now be part of the team! Cycling safety isn’t spoken about enough. I also believe that we don’t have the same rights as vehicle drivers which is something I’d like to be a part of changing.”

Upcoming Events

For the past year, Jaxon has been training for the Busselton 100 and Ironman WA  – in the water, in the gym, on foot and on the bike. A lot of his rides involve long straight roads and paths for hours on end, a lot of the time in the dark. Naturally, we had to deck him out with a Fly6 and Fly12 Sport.

Cycliq Ambassador Jaxon Bilchuris
Early morning training sessions

The Big Picture For Jaxon

“My long term goal is to become a professional triathlete, but obviously that’s down the track.”

“My current goals are:
– Sub 10 hour Ironman at IMWA this year. Top 3 in my age group, I’m currently aiming to do that by working closely with my coach, training between 15 and 25 hours a week.
– Top 3 at Busselton 100 and also top 10 Ironman 70.3 Melbourne.
– Run a sub 1.20 half marathon. 
– Ride 500km in one day.”

“I believe cyclists need to be educated on the road rules as well as drivers.
In the future I’d love to do some QnA’s and talks about this, as the topic hits close to home.
I really want to spread the word on how important cycling safety education is, and how important using products such as Cycliq’s safety cameras is.” 

We’ll be staying in touch with Jaxon via our ambassadorship program and tracking his progress as he works towards his goal events.

Welcome to the team mate.


Jaxon Bilchuris Cycliq Ambassador
Jaxon has big aspirations in the world of Ironman.