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Cycliq Staff Picks For March 2015

March 31, 2015


We received tons of videos after launching Cycliq Staff Picks early this month. Our goal was to encourage Fly6 users to share their footage to the Cycliq community. And now, we are excited to announce the best videos this March!


#3: Epic Sunrise Peloton Pass
Greg shared his race highlights on Sebring 12/24 and century race in Florida. Look out for that awesome sunrise shot near the end.

Epic Sunrise Peloton Pass from Cycliq on Vimeo.


#2: Break and Slide
Captured in Australia, a Fly6 user nearly had a close encounter with an unexpected off load!

The old ‘Brake and Slide’ from Cycliq on Vimeo.


Video of the Month

#1: Catastrophic Failure
In this amazing video, Steve’s bottom bracket / crankshaft snaps mid-ride, resulting in the left crank coming off. Ouch! And just because this video is so epic we’re giving not one but two (2) Fly6s! One for Brett, who sent the footage and the other for Steve, our unlucky cyclist, who goes down. It takes two to make a great video after all.

Catastrophic Failure from Cycliq on Vimeo.

So don’t forget to upload your footage on our video page. It doesn’t need to be an awful crash. We appreciate snippets of races, outdoors, family outings and holiday rides too!