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Night Rider

Patience is a virtue

Racing - Footscray Cycling Club Crit @ Altona, Melbourne

Wow that was close

Is this the biker lane?

How Close is Too Close

Fly12 Kickstarter Video - Directors cut.

Ice Fall

Bottle Attack

Close Shave

Scooter ignores cyclist

Excuse me do you mind if I cut in?

Bird Feed

A Wheely Touching moment!

Pack Crash!

Road Rage

Metres Matter!

Who Let The Dogs Out

Three Close Calls on the Same Ride!

Nearly hit at a roundabout

Being passed flat out

Buzzed by a cop car!

Cyclists not calling out debris

Fast And The Furious

Head over Wheels

Clip and Slip

The dominoe effect

The wheels on the bus!

Who's in the wrong?

Oh Deer

Fly6 Top Pick (HD Version)

Near Miss

Pass me that pen, would you?


Touch of wheels French Style

Fly6 Top Pick

Sunrise Breakfast


Fly6 UCI World Tour 2014

Magpie Swoop

Close Quarters

Close over take

Close Call 25-2-14

No space given

Saturday Arvo

1 car & 1 4x4

nano tech @ work

Close big truck

Crit Race Endo

Oppan Dongnam Style

Hand on Horn

Aggressive abusive

VeloKranks Unboxing of Fly6

Face-plant & Cool Dismount (1)

Garmin Virb Elite & Fly6 Field Test

BikeRadar GoPro vs Fly6 Original

Fly6 Original Initial Set Up

Edinburgh Road Club

Flat Tyre Wipe Out

Agro Dog

Dangerous Manoeuvre in London

Selfie Wipe Out

Agressive BMW - Germany

MTB GoPro v Fly6 Jersey Is

Driver Clips Cyclist

Ch9 News Brisbane

Near-miss Ireland

Dog Encounter

Driver learns to be safe

Cyclists Causes Accident

Tim's Epic Wipe Out

Motorbike within inches

Side Swipe

Magpie Open Season

Channel 7 News - Brisbane, Australia

Green Bus Close Pass

Cyclist Groped - Ch9 News

Universal Sports Network

Very Fast and Very Close

Nanotech Water Beading the New Fly6

Bunch Ride Blows Apart the new fly6

Bad overtake on the new Fly6

Viking on the new Fly6

Road Debris Causes Crash

Paul Ludlow Crash

Bike Path Wipe Out