CycliqPlus Desktop System Requirements

Here’s what you’ll need to run CycliqPlus on your Mac® or Windows® computer.

Supported Operating Systems

  • macOS 10.10.x or later
  • Windows 8.1 or later; 32 and 64 bit systems


  • Mac: Intel® Dual Core™ or later
  • Windows: Intel Core i3 or later

Graphics Card

  • Mac: Any graphics card shipped with Intel Dual Core Mac computers or better
  • Windows: Graphics card that supports OpenGL 3.2 or later

Screen Resolution

  • Mac: 1280 x 768 and above
  • Windows: 1280 x 800 and above


  • Mac: 4GB and above
  • Windows: 4GB and above

Hard Drive

  • Mac: 5400 RPM internal drive or better, or SSD
  • Windows: 7200 RPM internal drive or better, or SSD

For the best performance, be sure to use the latest graphics drivers directly from the graphics card manufacturer.

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