Cycliq firmware auto-updater

Compatible with Fly12 CE and Fly6 CE

After the successful launch of the firmware auto-updater app for Fly6 CE, we are pleased to extend compatibility to the Fly12 CE

Our popular firmware auto-updater app is ready for use with your Fly6 CE and Fly12 CE. This app takes care of firmware updates just by connecting your Fly and following the step-by-step prompts.

Download the macOS or Windows version of the Firmware auto-updater app from the links below, open it up from your Desktop and follow the instructions. Your firmware will be updated automatically to the latest version, and future firmware updates will be just as hassle-free!

The easier your Fly device is to use, the safer you’ll be on the road. And with great new safety features and bug fixes being released, it will be much easier to make your Cycliq experience as simple and safe as possible.


Firmware Auto-updater for macOS

Firmware Auto-updater for Windows


Please note:

  • macOS operating systems prior to Mojave (10.14) do not support the Firmware Auto-updater

How to update your firmware

Below is a quick summary to help you navigate your way around the new Firmware Auto-updater app and updating your firmware. Please note this version of the Firmware Auto-updater app is compatible with both the Fly12 CE and Fly6 CE.

Before you start:

  • Please uninstall any previous versions of the Firmware Auto-updater app and install the new version
  • Grab your Fly12 CE or Fly6 CE
  • Get your USB-C to USB cable, or microSD card adapter

Getting started:

  • Open the Firmware Auto-updater app from the desktop of your laptop
  • Follow the instructions in the Firmware Auto-updater app on how to connect your device and update your firmware (you’ll need your USB cable or SD card reader to connect your device)

Check out the video below to see how simple it is using the SD card reader.

Experience The Best

We’ve designed the Firmware Auto-updater so that it is easy to use. But if you do experience any difficulties or unexpected behaviour from your device, please get in touch with our Cycliq support team.

Making sure you have the most up to date firmware will give you the best Cycliq experience possible. We’ve made plenty of improvements, so updating to the latest firmware will keep your Fly12 CE running smoothly – just like servicing a car.

What’s new for the Fly12 CE?

  • Improvements to reading and writing to your SD card
  • USB connectivity issues resolved
  • Incident mode will no longer be triggered while connected to the app
  • Video orientation correction
  • Other minor bug fixes

What’s new for the Fly6 CE?

  • Enhanced video quality and automatic exposure adjustment in all lighting conditions
  • More recording time in Home Safe Mode
  • Ability to lock and view important footage for later, while continuing to record your ride
  • Longer battery life
  • Customised Bluetooth device name in the Cycliq mobile app
  • Improvements to reading and writing to your SD card
  • Other minor bug fixes