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The Q Files Pt.004: Are you Responsible?

October 28, 2015

Recently I received a phone call from long time friend and Physio with a question. Long story short, a client of his had been involved in a cycling crash a few days prior and wasn’t happy with the “fall”-out a few days after the incident. You see, the person who “ACCIDENTALLY” caused the crash had sent a group email to make sure everyone was ok and again expressed his concern/apologies to his fellow riders. Where this story takes a turn for the worst in my opinion is that one of the other riders that came down had replied to the email requesting his cycling partner replace his wheels as a result of the crash. Furthermore that rider had obliged and forked out $650 on top of all his own expenses (medical and cycling related) from the incident that could have happened to any rider at any time.

So the question begs… WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?

In my opinion, as a “cyclist” who has come down on more than one occasion cycling is a risky sport and no matter what level of rider you are, the risks are forever present when mounting your trusty steed. Thus, unfortunately crashing is part of our sport and it’s a well-known saying that there are only 2 types of Cyclists….

“Type 1” Those who have crashed and;

“Type 2” Those that are about too.

Exhibit A:

Crack Kills from Cycliq on Vimeo.

The gentleman in the pink jersey and his fellow victims are now very much Type 1 cyclists.  Yes, this may have been avoided if the rider didn’t get his front wheel caught in the crack, but ultimately this is an accident.

Furthermore, I am yet to come across a bike rider who wants to crash and I believe asking for money as a result of an accident is very inappropriate and should not be the accepted practice.  Given that many people spend more on their bikes than their motor vehicle (Yes, I am guilty) having bicycle insurance combined with crash cover is best practice. This way, the forever ever-present risk is managed without holding a friend/ ride buddy accountable. I will also add this form of asset recovery may also see you welcomed back to your group ride without being outcast.

Here is another epic accident caught on Fly6 for good measure:

Bear Creek Wreck from Cycliq on Vimeo.

The Cycliq team would love to hear your thoughts on the responsibility debate. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Until next time, take care of yourself and each other out on the roads!