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The Charging Dog

February 5, 2016

Judy Fleming was riding with friends on Saturday the 20th of January just outside of Brownfield, USA. They were out on a 100 mile ride and had just stopped at a local store to fill up the bottles. They left heading westward and a decent tail wind provided a comfortable boost from behind. As they were heading down a familiar road about halfway their route, a dog rushed out of nearby trees and lunged at them.

“The dog suddenly came out at an angle and went straight for the bikes. The way it came at us, it almost looked as if it was possessed. At 31 miles/hour, there was no way we could avoid it. It clashed with Brandon and the force made Brandon’s foot come out of his shoe while the shoe remained attached to the pedal. The dog rolled over and ran right back from where it came.”

“We stopped to check everything. Brandon’s wheel had been knocked out of alignment, but other than that everybody was okay and we were able to finish the remaining 45 miles of our ride. This could have ended a lot worse for both Brandon and the dog given the speed at which we were going. The owners clearly do nothing to keep the dog on their property and we will surely keep an eye out next time we pass.”