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How Riding with a Dashcam Makes You Safe

February 22, 2024

Since the inception of the first Fly6 in 2014, cycling safety has significantly evolved. But how does adding a dashcam to your bike enhance your safety on the road?

Enhanced Visibility and Awareness

  • Always On Guard
    Dashcams aren’t just cameras; they’re vigilant eyes that watch over you throughout your ride. With continuous recording, they capture everything happening around you, enhancing your awareness without the need to constantly look over your shoulder. With features such as loop recording, dashcams such as the Fly6 Gen 3 will constantly be recording as soon as you turn it on so that you can always have footage on hand for when you need it most.
  • Preventive Safety
    Equipped with bright, built-in lights, dashcams make you more visible to motorists, especially in low-light conditions. This increased visibility can significantly reduce the risk of accidents by making it easier for you to see and be seen.

Evidence When You Need It Most

  • Accountability on the Road
    Should an incident occur, a dashcam provides irrefutable evidence of what happened. This footage can be crucial for insurance claims, legal matters, or simply to advocate for safer roads in your community. It also serves as a powerful deterrent against aggressive behaviour from other road users, knowing that their actions are being recorded.
  • Learning and Improvement
    Reviewing your ride footage can be an educational tool, helping you identify risky situations and improve your riding habits. It’s about learning from experience, yours and others’, to make every ride safer than the last.

Community and Support

  • Shared Experiences
    Riding with a dashcam does more than protect individual riders; it fosters a sense of community. By sharing footage of dangerous locations or incidents on platforms such as UpRide, cyclists can warn others or spread awareness, promoting a safer environment for everyone. Moreover, dashcam footage is a powerful tool in advocating for better cycling infrastructure and policies. Real-world evidence can bring about more significant influence, contributing to safer roads for cyclists.

Riding with a dashcam is more than just a technological novelty—it’s the ultimate safety equipment for cyclists. By providing continuous awareness, tangible evidence, and fostering a supportive community, dashcams empower cyclists to ride with confidence, knowing they’re never riding alone.

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