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How Fly6 footage helped my insurance processing after being T-boned by a car.

June 28, 2016

One of our Cycliq community members was involved in an accident earlier this year, and we wanted to share how his Fly6 footage helped him when it came to dealing with insurance afterwards. As you can see in this footage below, he got t-boned by a car.

“Before sending my Cycliq footage in, the insurance companies were going to and fro quite a bit asking about which things needed replacing and why. They were asking for lots of photos and wanted reports etc, making the process slower. I had held back the Cycliq footage as a bit of insurance for myself  and sent it through later at the point when it was looking uncertain. After I’d sent in the footage however, my claim was approved within 24hrs

In terms of injuries, I was very lucky, just a bit of missing skin and a few bruises. Luckily I am not a 50kg cyclist and have some ‘padding’, so I bounced. I didn’t need any treatment and there were no medical bills. However, my wife was very upset when she sent me to the hospital for a check up and found out later that I went shopping for a new bike instead… All jokes aside though, had the car hit me in the knee instead of the bike frame and my rear end it would have been a lot worse. Additionally, I was also thrown into the outside lane where the footage shows plenty of cars passing up till when I was hit. So I was very lucky.”

As we can see here in John Rust’s story and Martin Blyth’s story, having video footage really helps

Has Cycliq footage helped your dealings with an insurance company? Get in touch with us via [email protected] and tell us your story.