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Have A Very Cycliq Christmas

December 22, 2016


To say it’s been a big year here at Cycliq would be an understatement, as we switched up through the gears, growing our team, our products, and listing as a public company.

We launched Fly12, Fly6[v], our kit line, another highly successful Kickstarter campaign for our new Fly12 DuoMount – which even as we type is starting to be shipped to the awesome cyclists out there who backed it, to arrive on your doorsteps over the holiday period and into the new year – rode alongside, behind, and briefly in front of Chris Froome at the inaugural L’Étape event by Tour de France in Jindabyne, Australia and welcomed a bunch of new Cycliq Ambassadors on board.

Our Cycliq MTB team conquered a 12-hour endurance event, Dusk Till Dawn, in Margaret River, Western Australia and we were there to film Australian dual Olympic gold medallist Graeme Brown’s last ever professional lap.

Oh – and drank loads and loads of coffee and energy drinks…

Yes… it’s been a big year however 2017 is shaping up to be huge.

But we couldn’t have done any of it without you.

So Happy Holidays, a truly Joyous New Year, have a great break wherever you may be in the world – and more than ever, at a time when the roads are super busy – remember to #RideSafe.

The team at #Cycliq