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CycliqPlus for Windows, version 2.63

August 3, 2021

A new CycliqPlus update is available for Windows.

What’s new in CycliqPlus Desktop 2.63

Storage capacity and File system is shown for your Fly device

You can now view the current Storage capacity and File system of your Fly device. Fly devices require the file system to be formatted as FAT32.

Fixes for Strava and Google sign-ins

Fixes have been included in this release to address user reports of the CycliqPlus Desktop app crashing when attempting to sign in with Strava or Google due to listener port collisions.

SD card formatter fixes

We have improved the SD card formatter by introducing a delay to allow Explorer sessions to safely close before the formatter task runs, this reduces the likelihood of failed formatting.

New video editor controls

You can now jump back/forward one second when previewing video files. We will introduce a button to export the current video frame in a future CycliqPlus release.

New map types for Strava overlays

Select the Map style for your Strava overlay. Choose Street, Street (Light), Street (Dark), Outdoors, Satellite or Street+Satellite.

High Accuracy Strava overlays

Turn on High Accuracy to display decimal values in Activity efforts where available.



Here’s the changes in this CycliqPlus 2.63 update for Windows:

  • Added Storage capacity to Device information section
  • Added File system to Device information section
  • Added captions to the Connected device screen
  • Added placeholders to the Video editor screen
  • Added previous/next second controls to the Video editor screen
  • Added System information section to Settings panel
  • Added Fractions of a second playback position to Video editor screen
  • Strava and Google sign-in/OAuth 2.0 fixes
  • SD card formatter fixes
  • Various video editor fixes
  • Various installer fixes

Download the latest CycliqPlus for Windows update from the Software page on our website.