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CycliqPlus for Android, version 4.0

March 23, 2022

A new CycliqPlus update is available for Android.

What’s new in CycliqPlus Android 4.0

Use USB OTG to view and manage Fly footage

CycliqPlus has a new My footage side menu for viewing and managing Fly footage, simply connect your Fly to your Android phone and your Fly footage will appear!

You’ll need a USB OTG cable and an Android smartphone that supports high-power USB devices. USB OTG documentation will be available in the Support portal > CycliqPlus section.

Video sharing fixes

Video sharing is back! Share your Fly footage via the Android Share menu with any Android app.


Here’s the changes in this CycliqPlus 4.0 update for Android:

  • Added OTG USB support
  • Video sharing fixes

Download the latest CycliqPlus for Android update from the Google Play Store or by visiting the Software page on our website.