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CycliqPlus for Android, version 3.8.4

December 20, 2021

A new CycliqPlus update is available for Android.

What’s new in CycliqPlus Android 3.8.4

Android 12 compatibility

This CycliqPlus app update ensures the CycliqPlus app is compatible with Android 12 – the latest Android OS by Google – as well as other Android OS users.

There are new Location permission prompts in Android 12, the Precise location permission must be explicitly allowed for CycliqPlus to detect Fly devices.

Fly6 CE connection fixes

A fix has been included in this release to forcibly unpair any previously connected Fly6 CE devices, this will resolve the situation where the CycliqPlus app shows a “Connecting to device…” toast message but fails to connect to a Fly6 CE.

Various app stability fixes

  • If Bluetooth is turned off a prompt will be shown to turn it back on to detect Fly devices
  • The Disconnect button is always able to be pressed when connecting to a Fly device
  • The MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission has been withdrawn for Android 10 and above to comply with new App privacy permissions


Here’s the changes in this CycliqPlus 3.8.4 update for Android:

  • Android 11 fixes
  • Android 12 fixes
  • Fly6 CE connection fixes
  • Bluetooth connection fixes
  • Various app stability fixes

Note: Android 12 users must give the CycliqPlus app Precise location permission to detect Fly devices.

Download the latest CycliqPlus for Android update from the Google Play Store or by visiting the Software page on our website.