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Bike Thief Caught on Fly12

January 16, 2017


Cycling and coffee sounds awesome, right? This video shows a sinister side to what should otherwise be a necessary shot of coffee before jumping back on your beloved bike.

On Sunday 14 January, Kevin and his wife rode their bikes to Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Alamo, California. Luckily for another coffee shop patron, Kevin and his wife were using their Fly12 bike cameras. They parked their bikes outside the coffee shop and left both Fly12s running while they went inside. As they were ordering, a very unlucky thief struck, riding off on a set of wheels that did not belong to him. What the thief didn’t know was that both Fly12s caught the entire incident on camera from two different angles.

Watch the video and you can see the brazen thief get dropped off into the carpark and pretend to light a cigarette. He then looks through the store window to check the bike owner is inside before he grabs the nearest bike and scrams. The unfortunate thief has no idea he is being filmed in 1080p full HD by Kevin’s Fly12.

Reviewing the footage, Kevin realized he and his wife had ridden past the very vehicle that dropped the thief off. Their Fly12 videos had captured the car and its licence plate in absolute clarity. The incident was reported to the police and the last word we had from Kevin was that the police were en route to the address connected to the vehicle. . . you can guess the outcome.

The stolen bike didn’t have a Fly12. If it had, the unit’s bike alarm feature would have alerted Kevin and his wife before the thief made his get-away.