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Best of Tour De France 2015

July 29, 2015

Tour De France 2015 has been the most eventful tour as of yet. After a series of inspiring victories, untoward crashes, unexpected announcements and the inevitable accusations, Chris Froome emerged a champion. We at Cycliq had our fair share of winners from our first TDF themed competition!

Fly6 Tour De France Competition

The mechanics were simple. We asked for your best TDF moments captured live or while watching on television with the hashtag #Fly6TDF, for a chance to win a Fly6.  And wow…what a response! Winning the best bicycle camera and light on the market sure brought out the cycling community. It was abvious that everyone wanted to capture all the cycling action while having someone watch their back.


#Fly6TDF Winners

Before we finally put TDF to a close, here’s a look back to the best moments captured by the Cycliq community. We’ve received a ton of entries but here are the best of the best. Enjoy!


Day 21

Congratulations! #Fly6TDF

Day 20

The Heroes of the TDF. Maybe not so much #61? Is there more room for Froome ‪#‎Fly6TDF‬

Day 19

A little ride after watching the final stage of the #TDF2015 #fly6tdf

Day 18

The mighty Alpe d’huez! Those climbs make my legs go weak just looking at them


Day 17

A little #coldemtveiw this morning with @epicmtbn


Day 16

#fly6tdf you don’t get spaghetti like this in Perth

Day 15

Everybody has got to love a rest day! ‪#‎Fly6TDF‬


Day 14

Just watching the riders fly past ‪#‎Fly6TDF‬

Day 13

The vibe, the passion, the Gallic influence, all becomes visceral when the tyre blows out at 50 on a steep descent! If only I had a cycliq fly6 to have taken note of my mates’ happy-horror face…. Allez Cycliq!! #fly6tdf #fly6 #tdf


Day 12

No tour is complete without a visit from Didi the Devil ‪#‎fly6TDF‬


Day 11

Lots of attacks but ‘Der Kaiser’ still has men with him. Small plastic men, from 15 years ago …

Day 10

#‎fly6tdf‬ nearly had an extra protein boost on the descent today…


Day 9

Look who I found:

Day 8

Chasing these TT’s today after work was fun. You can either have results or excuses. Can’t have both. #workhard #playhard #cycling #shutuplegs #Bianchi #Fly6TDF

Day 7

Best young rider in our house. ‪#‎WhiteJersey‬ ‪#‎Stage7‬ ‪#‎Fly6TDF‬

Day 6

#‎Fly6TDF‬ Tour De France Prescott style! !

Day 5

Oops ‪#‎fly6TDF‬

Day 4

Watching #tdf is the closest I’ll get to cycling for a while since fracturing two vertebrae after being knocked off my bike. Check out the Ironman spine brace. Soon be back on the road #fly6tdf #fly6 #brokenback #roadtorecovery

Day 3

#‎Fly6TDF‬ just catching up on my lunch break.

Day 2

Cheers! #Fly6TDF


Day 1

Kids of #Fly6TDF