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And the winner of #RideWithTedKing is….

June 2, 2016

Last week’s #RideWithTedKing competition was brilliant! Not only did we have a couple hundred participants from all over the world, but the Cycliq community put forward some seirously impressive riding. Cycliq HQ picked the four Fly6 winners and Ted King picked the Fly12 winner. Check out Ted’s recap of the event and find out who won in this video:

Clark Maxwell won a Fly6 with his sunrise ride pic and Brendan Schoff and Sc1c3af also won Fly6’s with their cool bike pics, but it was Jho_Rides , who won his mate a Fly6 with this epic footage. Jho, Everyone here at Cycliq HQ would like to say a big thank you to you for capturing this footage and for being such a good sport in winning this Fly6 for your mate. We’re glad to hear he is ok and he got home in one piece. The lucky winner of the Fly12 prize was Garry Armsworth, who rode from Sydney to Bathurst and back. His metrics included 252+ miles, with a total elevation of 19.917ft- check out the ride here.

When Garry emailed us to organise his prize collection, he said “I’ve done a number of 400km endurance rides before but the terrain and weather made this one the hardest as evidenced by my highest ever suffer score on Strava.” If you are a prize winner, get in touch with us via and we can organise your bike light/camera combo to be sent out to you.