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A word from the CEO

June 18, 2015

This week, a motorist (person) aggressively ploughed into a bunch of cyclists (people) causing injury to the cyclists. The motorist did not stop but sped away. As the circumstances unfolded, the motorist was stopped at some traffic lights ahead where some of the riders were able to further identify the vehicle.


Three years ago when co-founder and friend, Kingsley Fiegert was riding by himself, he was subjected to a missile from an elasticated slingshot at point blank range right in the butt. This single act led us to design and develop Fly6 so that motorists could become accountable for their actions. Until recently we heard of many stories where cyclists were hit and the motorist was nowhere to be found.


Thankfully, amongst the cyclists were two of which were sporting Fly6 HD cameras & tail lights. These cameras caught the incident in HD so that the police can use the footage to find out what happened. The police have used the footage to charge the driver who will be facing stiff penalties.


While we hate seeing cycling accidents, it gives us a great sense of validation to have spent the last three years refining Fly6 and bringing to the market so that these aggressive motorists can be brought to justice. Hopefully they learn a lesson and never be aggressive to a cyclist again. If this is the outcome from this incident, I feel we have done our job well. This incident is one of dozens that have occurred with a Fly6 present where the cyclist has used the footage to help secure insurance funds and in one case, overturn a traffic infringement.


We know the more Fly6 units are out there the more motorists will become aware that they cannot treat cyclists with aggression without being caught. When this phenomena catches on, we know the roads will be a safer place to ride and as a parent, I will feel better about my kids riding on the roads (where they are allowed to ride!).

If you know a cyclist and care for their safety, please pass on this message.


Ride Safe!
Andrew Hagen
CEO, Cycliq