How to install Fly6 Original firmware

The Fly6 Original is an unsupported Fly device, check out our latest Fly6.

Please note that Fly6 Original only has the production firmware version installed. We have not released any updates for this model. 

If you have accidentally installed a firmware onto your Fly6 Original, you will need to remove the incorrect firmware and re-install the correct firmware.

Step 1: Remove the incorrect firmware

  • Remove the SD card from your device
  • Format SD card via a computer using the supplied SD card adapter

Step 2: Reinstall Fly6 Original firmware

  • Download the Fly6 Original firmware
  • Drag the firmware file file into the empty SD card
  • Safely remove the SD card and place into the Fly6 Original device
  • Quickly press the power button. (the lights will do a little dance for a few seconds showing the firmware is loading)

Once this stops remove the SD card from the Fly6 Original and re-insert it back into your computer.

Format the SD card again and place the SD card back into the Fly6 Original.

Turn on and commence using your device as per normal.

Note:  Be sure that the firmware file name is exactly “FWSHDV01-1.bin” and not FWSHDV01-1 (2).bin or otherwise.

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