How to update your Fly12 firmware

The Fly12 (non-CE) is an unsupported Fly device, check out our latest Fly devices.

This firmware update is only intended for the Fly12 Original. Installing this firmware on other Fly devices risks permanent damage to the device.


  • This Firmware is NOT compatible with other Fly6 models or Fly CE units.
  • Please check the Fly12.ver file first before updating. If the FLY12.VER contents show “HW VER.: xxx”, DO NOT UPDATE your firmware.

Please check if you have the latest firmware by checking the code on your CycliqPlus app (‘Settings’>Version or About Fly12) or by opening your Fly12.VER file using “Notepad” on PC or “Text edit” on Mac. If the firmware version reads 1707210 or 1709220 then you have the latest firmware and there is no need to continue.

If not, please follow the steps below on how to update your firmware to 1707210.

Firmware update instructions:

  1. Please download the firmware file here (We recommend using Chrome or Safari)
  2. Extract the archive containing a single firmware.bin file
  3. There will only be one file, which is a firmware.bin file
  4. Copy and paste (do not open) the file into your Fly12 root directory (main folder of your SD card)
  5. Disconnect Fly12 from your PC/Mac
  6. Power the unit “ON”. It will flash rapidly (red) and power itself down. Following this, it will boot up again. When it powers down for the second time, the update will have taken effect
  7. Power on the device and use normally


  • It is important that your unit is fully charged before performing a firmware update. The unit must at least have 75% charge or else the Fly12 will not proceed with the firmware update
  • DO NOT complete a Master Reset when the unit is in the process of completing a firmware update. This may damage your Fly12
  • Make sure that the file name is exactly firmware.bin and not firmware (2).bin or similar
  • If your Fly12 has an “HW VER.: xxx” section inside of the FLY12.VER file you need to use 1709220 version (and only this one)
  • Any other Fly12s are compatible only with 1707210

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