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  • Master resetIf a master reset is required, the reset button is located under the port cover as illustrated. Carefully, using a fine object [...]
  • How to register your Fly12 SportRegister your Fly12 Sport to receive faster warranty support and product updates.
  • Visual and Audio Alerts GuideThe Fly12 Sport comes equipped with a variety of Visual and Audible alerts that will help you understand what your Fly device is doing.
  • How to format your microSD cardCycliq devices require microSD cards to be formatted to FAT32 to correctly function. We recommend that you format your microSD card with [...]
  • How to perform a bench testA bench test is used to check your Fly12 Sport battery life. To perform a bench test: Format your SD card Reset [...]
  • How to connect your Fly12 Sport with USB On-The-GoHow to import your video files using Cycliq microSD OTG Card Readers Cycliq now offers you the ability to easily access your [...]

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