Mounting your Fly12 Sport

Mounting your Fly12 Sport

Please follow all the steps to ensure your camera doesn’t separate from your bike during use.

Step 1: Installing the safety tether  

  • The hole to insert the tether is on the bottom edge of the back panel on the Fly12 Sport (far left, central in the image above): 
  • Insert the tether into the hole near the speaker (use a pin to pull it out of the small hole) 
  • Pull the tether in through itself to create a loop and tighten. 

Step 2: Mounting the Fly12 Sport to your bike 

The handlebar mount included with the Fly12 Sport is designed to fit 31.8mm handlebars. For smaller sized handlebars, insert the 22.2mm rubber adaptor into the mount. 

 To install the handlebar mount: 

  • Attach appropriate rubber adapters as needed onto the handlebar mount 
  • With the mount facing up, remove screws, clamp mount around handlebars install and tighten screws 
  • Twist to adjust the mount to the desired position – you can either mount the Fly12 Sport above or below the handlebars 
  • Hand tighten the screws so that the mount is firmly attached to your handlebar 

Note: Do not over tighten the screws as this will damage the mount. Do not tighten with a torque wrench. 

If you have positioned your mount: 

  • Above handlebar – insert the Fly12 Sport at the 10 o’clock position and turn clockwise to lock in.
  • Below handlebar – insert the Fly12 Sport at the 2 o’clock position and turn counter-clockwise to lock in. 

Step 3: Check your Fly12 Sport is set to record in the correct rotation

The rotation screen on the OLED display, shows the orientation your Fly12 Sport is set to record in.

If the hold to rotate prompt is displaying upside down, rotate the screen so the text reads correctly.

Changing rotation

  • To rotate the orientation of your Fly12 Sport, press and hold the function button (for approximately 3 seconds).

To ensure you have the correct rotation set up, use the two options as a guide.

Mounted below handlebars Mounted above handlebars

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