Mounting your Fly12 Sport

Mounting your Fly12 Sport

Your Fly12 Sport comes with a handlebar mount and a universal adapter that features the Cycliq 1/8th turn quick release system.

To mount:

  1. Place the handlebar mount above or below the handlebar, ensuring that nothing will obstruct the field of camera view. If mounting to a 22.2mm bar install the appropriate rubber adapter then carefully torque the hex bolts to a max of 2Nm.
  2. With the Fly12 Sport facing forward, and at a 45° angle, line up the quick release male component on the Fly12 Sport with the female receptor on the handlebar mount. Place the Fly12 Sport into the mount and make a 1/8th turn until the device clicks into a forward-facing postiion. A distinctive ‘click’ sound confirms the Fly12 Sport has been locked in place.
  3. Please ensure you have selected the correct orientation for recording on your Fly12 Sport. You can change and confirm your orientation by turning on your Fly12 Sport and toggling to the rotation screen.

If installing your Fly12 Sport using the universal adapter and a finned style mounting sytem, the process of operating the 1/8th turn is the same as above.

Mounting Fly12 Sport

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