Light mode settings

Light modes

You can cycle through the available light modes using the power button.

  • Organic (Random generation of high and low intensity)
  • Camera Only (Main LED off)
  • Solid High (Main LED solid with high intensity)
  • Solid Low (Main LED solid with low intensity)
  • Flash High (Main LED flashing with high intensity)
  • Flash Low (Main LED flashing with low intensity)
  • Pulse High (Main LED pulsing with high intensity)
  • Pulse Low (Main LED pulsing with low intensity)

All light modes are available by default on the Fly12 Sport. You can customise the available light modes via CycliqPlus, so only your preferred light modes are available.

To maximise battery life, select a lower intensity light mode and turn off the Fly12 Sport when not in use. The light mode last used will be remembered when the Fly12 Sport is turned off. The next time the Fly12 Sport is turned onit will resume with the previously used light mode.

Please consider the bicycle light regulations in your area when setting up your light mode.

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