Fly12 Sport User Manual


  • Audio SettingsThe Fly12 Sport records high quality sound using an inbuilt microphone. It also has a speaker which is used for audible alarms [...]
  • Light mode settingsLight modes You can cycle through the available light modes using the power button. Organic (Random generation of high and low intensity) [...]
  • Turning on your Fly12 SportTurning on your Fly12 Sport Press and hold the power button until the power on chime is heard. The power level ‘beeps’ [...]
  • Turning off your Fly12 SportTurning off your Fly12 Sport Press and hold the power button until the power off chime is heard. The display screen will [...]
  • Charging the BatteryYour Fly12 Sport comes partially charged. Before using it for the first time, please charge the device fully. To charge: Connect your [...]
  • Inserting and removing microSD cardYour Fly12 Sport is unable to record without a compatible microSD card installed. Insert a compatible microSD card into the microSD card [...]
  • Formatting your microSD cardCycliq devices require microSD cards to be formatted to FAT32 to correctly function. We recommend that you format your microSD card with [...]
  • Mounting your Fly12 SportMounting your Fly12 Sport Your Fly12 Sport comes with a handlebar mount and a universal adapter that features the Cycliq 1/8th turn [...]
  • Battery level indicatorBattery level indicator When turning on your Fly12 Sport, an audible battery status will sound alerting you to the current battery level. [...]
  • Video ResolutionVideo resolution The Fly12 Sport is equipped with a QHD camera. The lens has a 135° viewing angle providing an ultra-wide view. [...]
  • Electronic Image Stabilisation6-axis electronic image stabilisation (EIS) provides enhanced image smoothness regardless of the terrain or surface you’re riding on. This allows your device [...]
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)The Fly12 Sport has video resolution settings with HDR, which optimises footage when travelling through areas of light and dark. HDR is [...]
  • Looping functionYour Fly12 Sport is designed as a ‘set and forget’ cycling accessory. The footage is set to record on a ‘continuous loop’, [...]
  • Manual footage captureIf you witness an event that you want to capture and retain when riding, simply press the Q button. This will lock [...]
  • Incident Protection FunctionThe Fly12 Sport has been designed to save footage from major incidents without being recorded over and without you having to do [...]
  • Heat ProtectionThe Fly12 Sport is designed with a heatsink, to allow the Fly12 Sport to be cooled down by wind as you ride. [...]
  • Cycliq Quick Release System™The Fly12 Sport is mounted and removed from the handlebar mount using a 1/8th turn. To find compatible Cycliq mounting systems, visit [...]
  • Idle ModeIdle Mode is intended to assist with battery management. If Idle Mode is active, the Fly12 Sport turns off automatically after sensing [...]
  • Capturing still imagesThe Fly12 Sport can take a still image while recording video. You can do this by holding the Q button for 3 [...]
  • Master resetIf a master reset is required, the reset button is located within the small cut-out as illustrated. Carefully, using a fine object, [...]

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