Why can’t I connect my device to the app?

CycliqPlus for mobile (iOS and Android)

Please check our suggestions below.

  • Turn your device off and on your mobile device turn Bluetooth off and on
  • Then turn your unit on and try connecting again
  • If a Bluetooth reset is unsuccessful, try doing a master reset of the Fly device
  • Then turn your unit on and try connecting again

Re-installing the app also helps to ensure you have the latest app version.

Mobile app connectivity is only for newer Fly CE models and does not support the Fly6 (Original), Fly6, Fly[v].

Note: The Fly6 GEN 3 must be turned on for it to be detected by the CycliqPlus mobile app. Make sure your unit is fully charged as low battery charge may affect your connectivity.

For Android users

Ensure that the Android system Bluetooth and Location services are turned on from the Android pull down drawer.

If you have inadvertently dismissed the permission prompts shown the first time you open the CycliqPlus you can uninstall and re-install the CycliqPlus app for the permission prompts to be shown again.

Note: Android 12+ users must allow CycliqPlus the “Precise location” permission to detect Fly devices.

CycliqPlus for Desktop (macOS and Windows)

See the My computer will not recognise my Fly device section of the Desktop Connectivity Issues page.

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