Desktop Connectivity Issues

CycliqPlus for Desktop (macOS and Windows)

Supported Fly devices

CycliqPlus for Desktop supports the following Fly devices:

  • Fly6 Generation 3
  • Fly12 CE
  • Fly6 CE

Notice to legacy Fly device users

The following legacy Fly devices are not supported by the CycliqPlus for Desktop application:

  • Fly12 (non-CE)
  • Fly6[v]
  • Fly6
  • Fly6 Original

See the support resources available for legacy Fly devices.

My computer will not recognise my Fly device

If your Fly device connected to your computer and not recognised, try the following:

  • For the Fly12 CE and Fly6 GEN 3 ensure your device is switched on after connecting
  • Connect using a different USB port
  • Connect using a different USB cable
  • Restart your computer
  • Format your SD card using the SD card adaptor that came with your SD card (note this will erase your files)
  • Perform a master reset of your device

Note: Macbook M1 chip users using macOS Big Sur should apply all macOS updates and then restart the computer to resolve Fly12 CE connectivity issues.

If you’re still unable to get your Fly device recognised by your computer, please submit a ticket with our support team.

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