How to reset the Fly6 Generation 3 with deep sleep mode

This deep sleep mode action is only recommended if you are unable to turn the device on and have exhausted all other methods explained in Power Issues.

Note: The Fly6 Generation 3 must be powered off to perform this action.

  1. Ensure the Fly6 Generation 3 is turned off
  2. Hold down the Q button for 30 seconds
  3. The LED will flash white
  4. Release the Q button
  5. The LED may flash blue
  6. Wait 30 seconds
  7. Tap the Power button once to complete this action
  8. Wait 30 seconds
  9. Hold down the Power button for 2-3 seconds to turn on the device

Warning: Holding down the Power button as part of step 7 may damage your Fly6 Generation 3.

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