Connectivity Issues

The Connectivity Issues is an unsupported Fly device, check out our latest Fly devices.

Opening the CycliqPlus mobile app

We have made the process of connecting your iPhone or Android handset to your Fly6 Generation 3 as seamless as possible.

Once you have downloaded the CycliqPlus mobile app, ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and that your Fly device is switched on and within close proximity.

Note: The CycliqPlus mobile app requires the Location permission on Android and iOS to establish Bluetooth connections. The minimum supported Android OS version is 8.0 and above.

To connect to your Fly device:

  1. Open the CycliqPlus mobile app
  2. Choose your Fly6 Generation 3 device and click Connect

Can’t see your Fly6 Generation 3 in the list?

Try the following:

A corrupted SD card could also cause the CycliqPlus mobile app to not recognise your Fly device. If your SD card is corrupted, the Fly6 Generation 3 will play a SD card error noise. To reformat your SD card, do it directly via PC/Mac.

If you’re still experiencing issues connecting your Fly6 Generation 3 to your smartphone, please submit a ticket with our support team here.

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