Visual and Audio Alerts Guide for Fly6 CE

The Fly6 CE is an unsupported Fly device, check out our latest Fly6.

The Fly6 CE comes equipped with a variety of Visual and Audible alerts that will help you understand what your Fly device is doing.

The chart below references Fly6 CE modes and the corresponding Visual and Audible alert.

Mode Visual alert Audible alert
Recording (Full Charge) N/A Power On/Off 4 Beeps
Recording (3/4 Charged) N/A Power On/Off 3 Beeps
Recording (1/2 Charged) N/A Power On/Off 2 Beeps
Recording (1/4 Charged) N/A Power On/Off 1 Beep
Power On (with SD card) Bezel Rotates Power On Chime + Beep(s)
Power Off (with SD card) N/A Beep(s) + Power Off Chime
HomeSafe Mode Current tail light mode (LOW) 3 long Beeps
Incident Protection mode N/A 3 Rapid Beeps when triggered
FW Upgrade Bezel Rapid Flash: Green N/A
USB Plug In Bezel Solid: Red – Charging
Bezel Solid: Green – Battery Full
2 Tone Beep
Bluetooth connected Bezel Slow Flash: Red N/A
Bike alarm Tail Light Flash (HIGH) Bike Alarm Beep (continuous until turned off)
Optional Audible alerts for normal operation N/A Audible sound: 3, 5 or 10 minute Beeps
SD Card Error/No SD Card Bezel Steady Flash: Red Error Beep until Fly6 CE is turned off

Detailed description of Visual and Audible alerts


When charging your Fly6 CE, the charge indicator LED (top right of the device, under the Q in CYCLIQ) will be solid red.

Once the battery is fully charged, this LED will become a solid green.

Power on

The device will make a distinctive power up sound:

This will be immediately followed by up to four beeps to indicate battery level. See the following Battery level indicators section to understand the different battery level tones.

Battery level indicators

Battery level is 75%+

Four beeps indicates your battery is at least 75% full:

Battery level is 50% to 75%

Three beeps indicate battery level of 50-75%:

Battery level is 25% to 50%

Two beeps indicate battery level of 25-50%:

Battery level is under 25%

One beep indicates battery level less than 25%:

HomeSafe mode

When your Fly6 CE battery is low (below 6%) three long beeps will indicate HomeSafe mode has been activated.

The bezel LEDs will stop, as recording has stopped and, depending on your light settings, you have 30-60min to get home safely. While HomeSafe mode is enabled you will hear this sound every 1 minute:

Power off

The device will make a number of battery indicator beeps (as above) followed by a distinctive power down sound:

This sound is also heard when entering airplane mode and master reset.

Normal recording

Bezel LEDs rotate clockwise at one revolution per second. Recording alert is one short beep:

If enabled, recording alert beep plays once at an interval of 3, 5, or 10 minutes. This can be changed through the CycliqPlus mobile app; once your Fly6 CE is connected to your handset, go to menu – settings – sound.

No SD card/SD card error

If there is no SD card in your Fly6 CE or there is an error with your SD card, this sound will be played on repeat:

The Bezel LEDs flash on and off steadily once per second. The Fly6 CE will then automatically switch off after one minute

Incident protection mode

When triggered, three rapid beeps will sound, indicating that the current and previous video files are locked, and can’t be overwritten by the device. These beeps sound like this:

The Fly6 CE will then automatically switch off after 30 minutes.

Bike alarm

With the bike alarm enabled, if your Fly6 CE is on the move, your device will sound the following alarm:

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