Battery level indicator

The Fly12 CE is an unsupported Fly device, check out our latest Fly12.

When turning on your Fly12 CE, an audible battery status will sound, alerting you to the current battery level.

This will indicate whether you have enough power for your next ride.

See below for audible notification guide:

Beeps Battery
4 Beeps 75% to <100% charged
3 Beeps 50% to <75% charged
2 Beeps 25% to <50% charged
1 Beep 10% to <25% charged
3 Loud Long Beeps,
then beeps every 60 seconds
6% to 12% charged

Feature: Cycliq Home Safe function

Your Fly12 CE continuously monitors voltage generated while you are recording and when your battery depletes to between 6 – 12%,
(dependant on settings), Home Safe mode will be activated.

When Home Safe mode is activated, the camera will turn off (saving power), however the light will continue to function for a further 30 to 45 minutes (approx).

When in Home Safe mode, a short beep will sound every 60 seconds. See Cycliq HomeSafe™ function on page 24.

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