Fly12 CE User Manual

Inside this user manual you’ll find out everything you need to know about your Fly12 CE.

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What you get

What’s in the box
Changing your Fly12 CE settings
Registering your Fly12 CE

Read this before your set-up your Fly12 CE

Warning against copyright infringement
Safety, operating and care information
Fly12 CE layout

Setting up your Fly12 CE

Charging the battery
Battery level indicator
Formatting your microSD card
Inserting and removing microSD Card
Mounting your Fly12 CE

Using your Fly12 CE

Turning on your Fly12 CE
Turning off your Fly12 CE
Light mode settings
Visual and audible alerts summary
Audio settings
Airplane mode
Garmin Connect IQ app – CycliqPlus Connect


Video resolution
Electronic image stabilisation
High dynamic range
Looping function
Manual footage capture
Incident protection function
HomeSafe™ function
Bike alarm
Idle mode
Capturing still images
Charging on the fly
Cycliq Quick Release System™
Dashcam mode
Heat protection
Master reset

Using your footage

Accessing your footage
Video segment length
Editing footage
The CycliqPlus mobile app
Join the Cycliq community
Technical data
FCC compliance statement
IC compliance statement
Regulatory information

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  • Audio SettingsThe Fly12 has a stereo microphone which records sound in high quality. It also has a speaker which is used for audible [...]
  • Airplane modeAirplane mode turns off all device signals rendering it compliant for airline travel. To activate the Fly12 CE must be OFF, then [...]
  • Visual and audible alerts summaryLED Function Solid GREEN 100% charged Solid RED 0-99% charged LED OFF No operation Sound Function 4 Beeps 75% to 100% charged [...]
  • Light mode settingsThere are three light modes and three light dimming options: Light modes: Constant, Flash, Pulse and OFF. Toggle these using the power [...]
  • Turning on your Fly12 CEPress and hold the power button for approximately 1 second until power on chime is heard, then release. Power level ‘beeps’ will [...]
  • Turning off your Fly12 CEPress and hold the power button until the power off chime is heard. Power level ‘beeps’ will sound, signalling the battery status [...]
  • Charging the BatteryYour Fly12 comes partially charged. Before using it for the first time, please charge the device fully. To charge: Connect your device [...]
  • Inserting and removing microSD cardYour Fly12 is unable to record without a compatible microSD card installed. Insert a compatible microSD card into the microSD card slot [...]
  • Formatting your microSD cardBefore you use a microSD card for the first time, you will need to format the card. We recommend doing this through [...]
  • Mounting your Fly12 CEYour Fly12 comes with a handlebar mount that features the Cycliq Quick Release System™. The handlebar mount is a strong, secure and [...]
  • Battery level indicatorWhen turning on your Fly12, an audible battery status will sound, alerting you to the current battery level. This will indicate whether [...]
  • Video ResolutionFly12 is equipped with a Full HD camera. It has a 135° viewing angle providing an ultra-wide view of what’s going on [...]
  • Electronic Image Stabilisation6-axis electronic image stabilisation (EIS) provides enhanced image smoothness regardless of the terrain or surface you’re riding on. This allows your device [...]
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)Fly12 has one video resolution setting with HDR, which optimises footage when travelling through areas of light and dark.
  • Looping functionYour Fly12 is designed as a ‘set and forget’ cycling accessory. By default, the footage is set to record on a ‘continuous [...]
  • Manual footage captureIf you witness an event that you want to capture and retain when riding, simply press the Q button briefly. This will [...]
  • Incident Protection FunctionThe Fly12 has been designed to save footage from major incidents without being recorded over and without you having to do anything. [...]
  • Charging on the FlyFly12 comes with the ability to accept charge via the supplied USB cable whilst active.
  • Dashcam ModeYou can use your Fly12 as a dashcam in your car and can continue to charge using the USB-C cable. Normally, when [...]
  • Heat ProtectionThe Fly12 is designed to be cooled down by wind as you ride. If the Fly12 reaches an abnormally hot temperature, the [...]
  • NanotechnologyWe’ve utilised ground-breaking new nanotechnology on both the inside and out of your Fly12. This process modifies the entire surface area of the [...]
  • Cycliq Quick Release System™The Fly6 can be easily and quickly mounted and removed from the handlebar mount using a secure 1/8th turn. This system is [...]
  • Idle ModeIf this mode is active, the Fly12 turns off automatically after sensing no movement for 15 minutes. You can turn the Fly12 [...]
  • Capturing still imagesYour Fly12 CE can now take a still image while recording video. You can do this by holding the Q and Power [...]
  • Bike AlarmThe Fly12 bike alarm can be activated via the CycliqPlus mobile app. Once activated, if your Fly12 is moved (including if your [...]
  • Cycliq Home Safe FunctionYour safety is our number one priority. When your battery is running low, the Fly12 CE can manage the available battery capacity [...]
  • Master resetIf a master reset is required, the reset button is located within the small cut-out as illustrated. Carefully, using a fine object, [...]

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